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    Importing multiple distinct Dimensions into an Extention

    Petra Bernehed

      Hello Everybody,


      I am working on an extension, which needs multiple inputs of data from Qlikview 11. The objective is to build a map with OpenStreetMap which supports multiple layers of polygons and markers to combine different types of data. In this thread http://community.qlik.com/thread/51454 the possibility of importing multiple sets of data is quite thoroughly explained, but I encountered a major problem using this technique.


      Apparently it seems, that when having several different objects, Qlikview will combine them to a Cartesian Product. This means, assuming I have the data sets(1,2,3), (a,b,c) then Qlikview will provide the following to the Extension:


      1, a

      1, b

      1, c

      2, a

      2, b

      2, c

      3, a

      3, b

      3, c


      whereas I want to have the distinct values:

      1, a

      2, b

      3, c


      Is there any way to only choose distinct values?? We are working with 400 stores and more, and from each we are iterating about 5 or 6 different categories, so that would mean a Cartesian Product of at least 400^5 = 10,240,000,000,000 values, which might be a little bit over the top if I only need 5*400 = 2000 values. So please, if anybody has a great idea about this, I'd be more than greatful.


      Cheers, Aiko