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    Values incorrectly associated when extracted with QVS 11.2/Server 2008R2

      Hopefully may avoid wasting someone time trying to trouble shot if you come across this same issue.


      I have been extracting data using the SAP connector with QVS 11.0 and Server 2003 without issue. I upgraded to QVS 11.2 / Server 2008R2 and have found an issue with data corruption where the field has numeric char with a minus/dash included. example 257-110. Instead of treating this as text it treats as a number.


      However, the real issue is that if we extract multiply values from a field starting with the same value before the minus sign QV seems to disregard the trailing values and associates them as being equal. Furthermore, I have found that although it associated on the value (257 in this example) it represents it as the full string of first value loaded.


      The following is an example of the consolidation effect using the same qvw it extract the data but on different systems.



      SAP Table MARA Field MATNR


      However, if I use the function text() the data loads correctly


      I tested using a inline table to join to this field and the tables join on the underlying value of 257.

      This is more than not interpreting the the value as a sting or number as it changes the underlying value and represents it with a different value.



      Tim Hogan


      Cause of issue: Since to original post the cause has been discovered.


      During a QVS server upgrade the SAP connector 5.3 was installed (earliest on the download site).However, the SAP environment had version 5.1 transports installed. A copy of 5.1 was found and install and then tested. The interpretation of the Alpha/numeric fields is now as expected.


      Furthermore, to add to the confusion the 5.3/5.1 combination behaved differently between Server 2003 and Server 2008 R2 operating systems.



      Tim Hogan


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