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    Caught exception in...



      Inside one of my documents I use a makro to change a dimension in a pivot table. Now I have noticed in the eventviewer of our QlikView-server (and also in the logs) this makro sometimes throws two errors:

      • Exception: Caught ... exception in Document\MyTable: .\ChartFunctions.cpp at 3038
      • Exception: Caught ... exception in Document\MyTable: .\QPivotTableBox.cpp at 2314


      With a little trial and error I was able to find this error is actually thrown by the following line in the VBScript:

      chart.AddDimension "MyDimensions"


      The makro does as expected. The MyDimensions are added to the chart object despite the two thrown exceptions. However, since we sometimes experience server restarts and these are often preceded by these two exceptions, I would rather get rid of them. Just to narrow down the possible causes for the server restarts.


      Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.




      888 SP5