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    Access BW

      Hi all,


      There is any possibility to access the CUBE, using the SAP Connector without to need to create the query?



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          As far as I know, you have to use a query to access a cube.  But you could do a direct data load instead from a DSO (Data Storage Object) if you know the name of the object (which is a single table).  You would use the SAPDSOConnector for this function.  The end result code looks a lot like an SAP table extract.


          You would still want to work with someone in the BW team to select the right table, and the Team might have to grant access to your QlikView user ID for the table you select.

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            With the release 5.7 of the SAP connector there are the following relevant extractor types:

            SAP extractor connector: basis is the SAP BW export data source and the SQL connector.


            SAP extractor connector is based on the SAP data sources and will have an QV layer in the SAP system. You will be able to select the fields you would like to integrate. Limitation based on iDoc - max 1000 signs (width).


            SQL extraction will be based on the SAP metadata. There is a program in the SAP extractor kit which is generating a meta data extraction. A next program will generate the SQL code.


            All other extractors will not perform well. Some knowledge of the settings for SAP extractor connector is needed. The default setting of max. cache will be changed between version 5.6 and 5.7 - might be good to change it to 2%.


            Some restrictions on the quality of the programming of the extractor connector. 5.7 has major bugs - bugs are known by QT, but resolution is pending unitl the next release.

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              Rubens Rodrigues

              We have the same scenario here. After many attempts, we could only access the CUBE through a query which is associated to it.


              As far as I know (as leejackie said) you can load the data directly from a DSO, but if I'm not wrong the data comes from a single table, not from the CUBE.


              We are still in search of some solution to access the data directly from the CUBE, but without success so far.



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                  There are many possible reasons for a failture. Which extractor did you use? Version and extractor type (e.g. SAP extractor connector).


                  • First: make sure that the transported roles are activated and assigned to the remote user
                  • Ensure that the buffer settings are correct (SAP BW side)
                  • Follow each described step, step by step
                  • If you fail, use the transaction to delete the extractor and retry
                  • Start your test with a small cube
                  • Check the buffer - a reboot of the SAP BW system might be needed


                  If you describe your activities in details, I might be able to help.




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                  sunil jain

                  Conectivity procedure is covered in Qlikview SAP Connector. It also covered installation details.

                  You can extract Cube , DSO , Infoobject from SAP B/W with delta load.




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                    Rubens Rodrigues

                    Hi guys,


                    We have gaps to confirm if Qlikview can extract data directly from BW CUBE without a BW Query or not. We have being working with Qlikview's Consultancies and the last updates are Qlikview cannot do it!


                    I wonder if you experts could confirm it!


                    Tks in advance.


                    Rubens Rodrigues

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                        sunil jain

                        I will not suggest to use BW query to extract data from cube but please extract fact and dimension table of cube seperately and make cube in qlikview itself by joining them. it will work fine even in case of delta load.

                        it will also faster the data extraction speed.




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                            Hi Sunil!

                            Seems like you have experiences with connecting QlikView with SAP BW. I'm new with QlikView and want to access either a Cube or a Query with the SAP BW OLE DB Provider, as I'm using the Testversion 11.0.11282.0 SR1.

                            The connection to my BW System is successfully, but I don't know the right SQL statement in the script, to access the data of the query. Have tried several statements (script ran without errors), but can't see the Infoobjects of my query/cube then. E.g.:

                            CONNECT32 TO [STRING FOR SERVER];
                            SELECT *
                            FROM [BIC/QUERYNAME];


                            Can you or somebody in here help me? That would be really really cool :-)

                            Thanks in advance,

                            best regards,


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                                Rubens Rodrigues

                                Hi Regina,


                                I'm also challenging BW issues and as I see it there is no a good documentation about QV and BW integration. I couldn't access the cube directly yet, but only through a BEX Query, although with lots of troubles. The statement I used to extract data from a BEX query is something like:


                                Load *;

                                Select PseudoMDX (

                                Dimensions (

                                  [/[...]/DIMENSION NAME] ()),

                                Variables (

                                  [!V000001] (I >= [/[...]/VARIABLE].[20130101])),

                                From ([..]/QUERYAME));


                                Also note that each BW Characteristic may contain Text, Attributes and sometimes hierarchies. Key figures might be available too.


                                I also count with te experience of you guys to help with BW issues.


                                Nowadays, I face the following issue: I can read BW queries but no data is retrieved due to, I think, hierarquies issues.


                                Hope have collaborated.


                                Rubens Rodrigues

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                            we can access Infocubes and Multiproviders and all attributes of an info object. Using SAP OLAP QUERY Connector. just select infocube on the left drop down and in the right drop down you will see all cunes and multiproviders