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    Document Locks IE when loaded from Webserver

    Mark Ellis

      We're running QV10 SR3. Our environment is QVCluster of QVS1/QVS2 and a Publisher Server. QVS1 is also the Webserver (not IIS).


      What's happening is an intermittent problem when using Access Point to open a document, the IE8 browser will lock up and must be cleared by using Windows Task Mangager and ending the IE task. We use the IE Plugin but the document will fail to load as well when choosing AJAX.


      This only happens with 1 of our many documents. None of the other documents cause this problem. Most of the time this document loads fine. It also seems to be worse early in the day. We've made a copy of this document and also published it with the same result. When these lockups happen everybody has the same problem trying to load the document. I've also confirmed the all servers involved are at minimal utilization during these episodes.


      We have a ticket open with Qliktech who is trying to reproduce the problem. Any thoughts would be appreciated.


      Here are the screens.