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    Different traces of copies on the Accesspoint

    Sravan Puppala



      My client is using SBE and QVS without Publisher and can hence use only NTFS Authorisation. This is new for me that he cannot use DMS.

      QVS Version is 11.0.11426.0.


      The Users see a lot of Qlikview Applications which I have previously placed in the Folder "Userdocuments" [I use for Distribution] and later removed by me in the Accesspoint.This folder also includes the QlikView Applications which I distribute via Jobs and Authorization.


      As It is SBE, I see  in QMC only Documents->Userdocuments Tabs and NO Sourcedocuments.

      I have all my Source and Documents attached to this Userdocuments tab. May be thats why I am seeing all the QV Applications?


      I know there are META and SHARED files including BorrowedCalData.pgo,CalData.pgo,ServerCounters.pgo and TicketData.pgo files which are present due to Distribution. What settings I have to do so that Users see only the Documents which I have in Reload and want to distribute?



      Thanks in Advance