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    Selecting field by Action with Conditions

    Vladimir Komarov



      I need to select a field's value by using actions, but it does not work the way I hope.


      Here is the scenario (a bit complicated).


      I have multiple tabs and I am using variables to identify them:


      I have a variable that changes when different page is activated. OnChange event for this variable I am calling the following Action:


      1. [Select in Field] -->Field Name = [Agreement Type]

      Search String = if ('$(vLevel_View_Current)' = '$(vLevel_View_3_Name)', 'Miscellaneous', Null())

      2. [Select Excluded]-->Field Name = [Agreement Type]


      The idea is to select ALL, but 'Miscellaneous' values in  [Agreement Type] field when user switches to vLevel_View_3_Name tab.

      It works but with one problem:


      If any other field have the selected value, the application selects associated values in the [Agreement Type] field when I am selecting any other but  vLevel_View_3_Name tab.


      I am guessing the Null() in SearchString formula above causes this, but I was not able to find any other option to fulfill the above requirement.


      Is there any option that could work for me with the above condition?


      I would appreciate your comments and/or suggestions.


      Best regards,