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    QlikView dashboard with maps (offline)



      I'm new to QlikView.

      I should create a report (dashboard) with data on a map. The report must be accessible from a web browser (on desktop systems and mobile devices also - so, flash components are prohibited).


      My requirements are:

      1) Map must be detailed (with streets, buildings, etc.) - like the Google maps. It is not enough to have a map with big regions only.

      2) We should put data on the map as points (for instance, circles) with different color (not size) depending on the value range the data point value belongs to.

      3) The user should be able to select a region (an arbitrary polygon with mouse clicks) on the map and some value must be calculated for this region (sum/count/min/max/etc of data points values)

      4) The user should be able to click on the data point on the map and view information about the point (latitude, longitude, value, id for the point and so on)

      5) Map must work offline because there is no access to the public internet.


      So, questions:

      1. As far as I know there are no maps integrated in QlikView, so, I should choose an extension. Correct?

      2. Are there any suitable extensions?



      Thanks in advance