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    Like Wise comparision between current month month and last year month

    vikas mahajan

      Dear All


      Please find attached qlikview – view showing details of current year month and last year month like wise comparision

      As follows


      Financial Year  2013

      Financial Year  2012

      30 March 2013 – working day

      Working Day

      31 th  March is a SUNDAY holiday hence there is  no transcation taken place in this day.

      Working Day


      When we view this report  for march 2013  it is showing data of last year upto 30-March only , But therewas one day sale recored at 31/12/2012 date  Hence growth calculation is going wrong  , Please refer screen short column no 2 is showing 7.6 lacs less sale.


      Please find following are the expression for column no 2



      [Posting Date]={">=$(=YearStart(max([Posting Date]),-1,4))<=$(=addmonths(max({$<FiscalYear={$(=max(FiscalYear))}>}[Posting Date]),-12))"}>}[Gross Sales Amount])



      [Posting Date]={">=$(=YearStart(max([Posting Date]),-1,4))<=$(=addmonths(max({$<FiscalYear={$(=max(FiscalYear))}>}[Posting Date]),-12))"}>}[Sales Return Amount])



      Requirement : -

      ·         If user select March Month Full month completed data should display.

      ·         If  Today is  2-April-2013   Sales Current Year  Vs   2-April-2012  sales data should display in last year



      Kindly advise how to achive the same in said expression.