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    Scheduling QVW without Qlikview Publisher

    Abhijit Bansode

      Hi all,

      I am very much confused about Qlikview Publisher.

      I want to know,can we shcedule reload and distribution of QVW files without Publisher licence.


      Also, I found that, one of the feature of Qlikview publisher is to control access of the QVW document.

      As per my knowledge section access is also used for the same.

      What is diffrence betweeen section access and implemntiong security using publisher?

      and which one is better option?




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          You can schedule, reload and distribute without publisher also.

          But without publisher you cant do loop and reduce of an application. You cannot generate and mail the PDFs on server (You have to write a macro for tht if you dont have publisher).


          hope this helps




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              Abhijit Bansode

              Thanks Amay.


              Please let me know something about security part.

              I have a section access in the docuemnt and want to distribute this document to a particular user whose role is defined in section access.

              Does it mean that data of the QVW app is internally reduced according to access level of specified user.


              And how it works, if I apply security using Publisher?

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                  Kaushik Solanki



                       Have a look at the below link for assigning the section access at document level




                       and below link for using section access at publisher level.




                       This link is a reference manual for server and publisher. You can directly jump to Security Chapter.



                  Kaushik Solanki

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                      Abhijit Bansode

                      Hi Kaushik,


                      Thanks for sharing such useful links.


                      I have come across below lines from one of the QlikView best practice document:


                      "While QlikView Publisher can use its “loop and reduce” functionality to reduce a QVW by rows

                      by user or group as it is being reloaded, you can also accomplish this in Section Access

                      dynamically as the document is opened. Either method will work, and both have benefits.

                      The Loop and reduce from Publisher will help you to reduce the memory footprint of the QVWs

                      on your server(s), while the Section Access method is portable with the document."


                      I am not able to understand how it works internally.


                      If qlikview publisher create separate app for each user then how can the memory footprints be reduced?

                      In section access, if I have applied security on field REGION,

                      Fisrt user logged in for the REGION=NORTH, so my qvw app will be reduced to hold data of NORTH region only.

                      suppose a sencond user is logged in with REGION=SOUTH then, again my qvw will be reduced to hold the data of SOUTH.



                      Do we mean that, in this case 3 instance two qvw apps are running in server RAM. 1. Main QVW 2. REGION=NORTH 3. REGION=SOUTH ?

                      Is it not same as how publisher handles reducing of the qvws?