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    Need help to get the correct expression in a chart

      Hi Everyone,


      I have two problems below, which I really, really need help:


      1. I have a data with these fields: Region, Status_Fg (could be A, D, I) and Wave_Id

      I have to count the number of active Status_Fg (Status_Fg = A) per Region and put them in a pie chart. So, I have my Region as dimension. For expression, I tried this: if(STATUS_FG='A',Count(DISTINCT WAVE_ID)), I need to put in DISTINCT, because the wave_id in my data is not unique, but I only need to count the unique wave_id. But this is not working. I get 'no data to display'. But I know that there are wave with status_fg = A


      2. I have these data: Region, Round_id, parent_round_id.

      I need to have a bar chart with the % of rounds copied to the # of rounds created per region. Copied rounds are those rounds where the parent_round_id is not null or not equal to zero. So, i have Region as dimension. then i have two expressions. One is just to count all the rounds, so I put in Count(DISTINCT round_id). Second is to count only the copied rounds, so I put in if(parent_round_id<>0 or not isnull(parent_round_id), Count(DISTINCT round_id)). But this is not working, Im getting the same count number as all the rounds.


      Any help is greatly appreciated.


      Thanks very much.