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    SAP connector, error reading BW process chain

    Terje Knappen



      I'm trying to implement some logic to trigger QlikView reloads when a process is finished in BW (chapter 11 in the manual).


      We have set up a test chain to start with, but I'm unable to load the data from this. The script looks like the example from then manual, I've only changed the value on CONNECTOR and TASK_ID.

      This is the error I get:


      /QTQVC/OPEN_STREAM failed after 00:00:00 Key = SQL_ERROR (ID:00 Type:E Number:001 Forbidden words used)
      SQL {

          { "direction":"out", "length":1, "name":"STATUS_OUT", "optional":false, "type":"CHAR", "value":" " },
          { "direction":"in", "length":10, "name":"CONNECTOR",  "optional":false, "type":"CHAR", "value":"SQL" },
          { "direction":"in", "length":1,  "name":"MODE",       "optional":false, "type":"CHAR", "value":"C" },
          { "direction":"in", "length":1,  "name":"STATUS_IN",  "optional":true,  "type":"CHAR", "value":" " },
          { "direction":"in", "length":40, "name":"TASK_ID",    "optional":false, "type":"CHAR", "value":"TEST_N" }


      Have anyone seen this before?






      Terje Knappen