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    Derived Dimension Based on Period



      Being new to QlikView, asking a very basic Q. as I couldn't figure out from earlier posts or may be I missed.

      I have Period (201201, 201202, .... 201212) etc..; StudentID (1,2, 3, 4 etc..) and Section (A, B, C, D....) etc... from qlikview data model.

      Now, for every Student we have Section assignment data only in month of Jan (i.e. say 201201, 201301 etc...), and rest of the year should follow the same.


      In my report I have Period, StudentID as well as Section as my dimension and couple of other measures

      and what ever be the period user selects, Section should show data of Jan of that selected period Year's. I.e. if Jan assignment is

      201201- 1 - A then in feb also it should show 201202 - 1 - A in report.


      in SQL it's very easy for us, but how in QlikView?


      ~ Bobby

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          sushil kumar



          as per my understanding you want to show only january data for any year selection.


          if this is true..


          then you can use yearstart function to get the year start date of any selection.. use set analysis for it..




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              Would you kindly explain little more about this approach?


              User will not select a Year, rather they will select Period. We have couple of measure associated with Dimension, PERIOD, STUDENTID, SECTION. But what we need to display is irrespective of Witch Period (let's say July 2012 i.e. 201207) they are selecting,  in Section Dimension, they should see Section of StudentID 1 = 'A'  where A is mapped to StudentID 1 for Period 201201 and for July 2012 there is no mapping of Section - StudentID.


              Thanks for extending help....