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    Problem with data fields

    Marco Rizzo



      I'm reading 2 different excel files (w and v).


      I've got 2 fields data that I've renamed "data".


      I tried to use this script to be able to filter by data. The v-values start from 01-2013 while the w-values start from 02-2013.




      LOAD Data as data,

           Ora as orav,

           Giorno as giornov,

           [Telefono cliente] as [telefono cliente v],

           Secondi as secondiv,

           [Secondi Completo] as [Secondi Completov],


           [Numero Interno] as  [Numero Interno v],

           [Ragione sociale] as [Ragione Sociale v],

           Provincia as provinciav,

           Stato as statov,

           Flusso as flussov,

           Tipo as tipov,

           Categoria as categoriav,

           Macrocategoria as macrocategoriav


      [C:\Users\Marco Rizzo\Desktop\LAVORO SU EVOLVE\excelreport.xls]

      (txt, codepage is 1252, embedded labels, delimiter is '\t', msq);



      LOAD [Partita Iva] as [Partita Iva w] ,

           [Ragione Sociale] as [Ragione Sociale w],

           Prodotto as Prodottow,

           Reparto as repartow,


           [Data inizio] as [Data inizio w] ,

           [Ora inizio] as [Ora inizio w],

           [Ultimo aggiornamento] as data,

           [Ora ultimo aggiornamento] as [Ora ultimo aggiornamento w],

           Modalità as modalitàw,

           Tempo as tempow,

           Priorità as prioritàw,

           Stato as statow,

           [Bloccato o Extra] as [Bloccato o Extra w]


      [C:\Users\Marco Rizzo\Desktop\LAVORO SU EVOLVE\export webrecall.xls]

      (biff, embedded labels, table is Foglio0$);





      load Distinct data,


      year(data) as ANNO,

      Month(data) as MESE,

      Week(data) as SETTIMANA,

      WeekDay(data) as GIORNOSETT,

      Day(data) as GIORNOMESE,

      QuarterName(data) as TRIMESTRE


      resident tab0






      It doesn't work. When I see the values available for the field data, there are only february and march.


      Any suggestion ?


      Thank a lot