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    Large number of irrelevant entries in QVD MetaData header

    Steve Dark

      Hi Everyone.


      I've been looking at the MetaData at the start of some of my QVD's (with the excellent QViewer).  This shows the connection details and query used to bring in the data for any given QVD.


      I have one particular QVD Generator that enumerates around quite a number of databases and writes a number of QVD's out from each of them.


      As the routine goes on more and more data is written to the metadata of each QVD - showing all statements and connections prior to that QVD being written. This is a massive amount of bloat and completely misleading information.


      Is there a way in which the cache of meta data that is written to each QVD can be flushed?  My assumption would be that this should happen automatically - but in this case it is not.  This ability to flush meta data would also be useful when people get nervous about connection strings appearing in QVD's.


      I am running in QlikView 10 SR 4 (10.00.9282.8), and unfortunately can't install a fresher version into the environment where I am seeing this issue.


      Thanks in advance,