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    QlikView Publisher

    Kaushik Solanki

      Dear All,


           I have one thing to implement, also thought of one scenario but I am bit confused.


           The idea is to allow users to access the accesspoint from internet ( I am ok if users have to login on access point, only thing is they should be able to access the accesspoint from internet.)


           Keeping security for data and reports in mind I thought of scenario as below.


           Install the QlikView publisher with in the firewall network, which can reload the applications. Install the QlikView Server on machine which is accessible from internet, Connect them both.


           Is this possible?


           Or is there any other way around for this.


           Kindly help.


           Thank you in advance.



      Kaushik Solanki

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          Advait Thakur

          Hi Kaushik,

            If I understood you question then i would like to ask you..

          Are you looking for the Token mechanism in IE and then the access to Access Point.


          Kindly correct me if i am wrong.




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            This can be a one of possible scenario.

            You can have both qlikview server and publisher with in your firewall, now the access point will run on intranet(within your network). Then you can point a public URL(accessible on internet) to this local access point.


            Definitely your network team will know more regarding this.


            Hope this helps.