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    Help needed on chart values and expressions

      Hi Everyone,


      I have a couple of problems that I need your help with:

      1. How to show the correct percentage in a bar chart? Say I want to show the % of rounds that were approved to the number of rounds that were created per region. so, if I have this data:

                    Created   Approved

      Region1    100       25

      Region2    50        25

      Region3    90        80


      so, my bar chart should show this:


        25%      50%                      88.88%

      Region1           Region2           Region3


      I tried just putting the Region as dimension and this as my expression: Count(DISTINCT if(COPIED_ROUND_ID<>0 or COPIED_ROUND_ID>0,ROUND_ID))

      but the percentage showed are all wrong. It doesn't match up to the expected percentage if I compute it manually.

      How do I do this and get the correct data?



      2. I need to measure the average scenarios that are created in a round. One round can have one or more scenarios, so I need to get the average scenarios created in a round and display it in a bar chart by Region as well. Should I do this in the dimension/expression of the bar chart or should I do this in my script? Any suggestion how best to do it and the best expression to use?


      Any help is greatly appreciated.