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    Getting a Percent of Total in Bar Graph

    Steve Zagzebski

      I need to do the following in a bar graph:


      We have 2 locations and I need to be able to have products on the X-Axis. Each Product will have two bars (one for each location). However the bar for that location will represent only the % of total for that specific location.


      As an Example:


      Location A total sales = 1,000

      Location B total sales = 500


      Product A sales for location A = 200

      Product A sales for location B = 50


      So from the example above:

      The bar for location A / Product A would = 200/1000 or 20% for that particular bar

      The bar for location B / Product A would = 50/500 or 10% for that particular bar


      How would the set analysis work to get sales for a product/ocation dividied by total sales for a location/ all products.