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    Date calc issue

      The client wants to calculate something called Days in the Field.  Attached is the example of what they want to see -
      which doesn't seem too complicated but in each formula attempt I keep getting null or 0 as a result.  Here's the formula I've been working on to display in both a straight table and a bar chart, possibly a combo chart as well.


      sum(aggr(sum(([Activity Working Days])),[RSS Start Date],[RSS Name]))



      First, I was given a list of days off and embedded that into the calendar that gave us a set of Working Days Available.  Then I added the Start Date in the script based on their Create Date adding 90 days, so this needs to be included in the formula - in a context per say. 


      But, when I have tried setting up an AGGR function surrounding the working days to get the number of available Working Days before multiplying by .4795 - the clients' set ratio to be in the field. 


      Attached is an Excel sample of what I'm trying to accomplish.


      thanks in advance.