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    How to URL reference external document (DOC/DOCX) located at QlikView server

      Hey guys.


      In the report, I have a button with action set to open external document referenced by URL (Button >> Properties >> Actions >> Open URL).


      The goal for the business user is to open report documentation (stored in word document and located on the QlikView server) right from the report.


      Open URL parameter is set as follows:



      The problem is that the button works only in IE. Chrome and Firefox have both troubles to open the referenced file.



      - Does anyone know what is the correct way how to pass URL address to the button?

      - Or is there are workaround how to open external documents directly from the report?



      - our QlikView server is accessible only from within corporate network or via a VPN

      - external file is stored in accesible folder on the same server where QlikView server is running

      - any browser (Chrome, Firefox, IE) can access (open / save / etc.) the external file just by typing the mentioned URL to the browser




      1. file://server_name/server_folder/external_file.docx
      2. http://server_name/server_folder/external_file.docx
      3. server_name/server_folder/external_file.docx
      4. \\server_name\server_folder\external_file.docx



      Thanks ahead for your help