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    Change colour for the portion of title in a chart

    Manideep Hv

      Dear Community,


      I wish to change my title colour based on condition. But the important thing is I dont want to change my entire title colour but I need to change a portion of the title.


      I am having an expression like this


      ='Count of DoseCavities    =    '&Count({<DoseCavities={$(=Replace(vDoseSelection,'|',','))}>}LensKey)


      When I make a selection the value in expression changes but what I want is Count of DoseCavities   =   should remain in same colour permanently and only the value related to the expression should change.




      The ouput I should get is like below


      Count of DoseCavities    =  50500


      Count of DoseCavities    =  30000


      Count of DoseCavities    = 10000



      Thanks in advance.