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    Loading problem with Date which is in YYMMDD



      I am trying to load data which is a numeric field in YYMMDD format and convert it to YYYYMMDD format


      I have tried the following in the script:



      makedate('20'&left([Creation Date],2),mid([Creation Date],3,2), right([Creation Date],2)),'YYYY/MM/DD') as CDate



      Creation Date is 6 digits (YYMMDD) but for year less then 10 there is no leading zero.


      For Eg 51205 which represents date 5th Dec 2005 CDate is converted to -

      For Eg 60103 which represents date 3rd Jan 2006 CDate is converted to 2060/10/03


      Can someone please help me solve the problem so I can get correct dates.