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    Pivot Table Assistance

      Hi Guys,


      I am seeking advice to display a report for Sales vs Forecast.


      Here is my scenario:-

      1. Actual Sales is always fixed.
      2. Forecast Sales is dynamic based on the Forecast No.
      3. If i select the Forecast No, the Forecast Sales will always compare with Actual Sales.



      1. Some Actual Sales might have Forecast Sales but some Don't.
      2. Some Forecast might have Actual Sales but some Don't.


      Sample Reports:-


      i tried many ways, but the Actual will always change together with my forecast sales.


      I hope i can hear from you guys soon, thanks for your help.



        • Re: Pivot Table Assistance

          For this scenario, i have created a Logical Calander, Logical Customer table,

          so in my pivot table i use Logical Cust Code and Logical Month  as dimension

          in my express i want to use set analysis with Forecast Cust Code = Logical Cust Code, Forecast Month = Logical Month

          Sample script:-




          But this script doesn't work right, please help!