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    Rolling 12 based on expression and time dimension monthyear

    Bradley Coyne

      hi i am curently battling with a rolling 12 expression.


      i have a derived value in the form of an expression ='omsättning'. i wish to have 12 months aggregated value (sum) in a single column.



      attempt 1&2 without luck are below , any suggestions?


      Sum({<MonthYear ={">=$(=Date(addmonths(Max(MonthYear), -1), 'YYYY-MM')) <=$(=Date(addmonths(Max(MonthYear), -1),'YYYY-MM'))"} >} Omsättning)

      SUM({1<MonthYear={">=$(=addmonths(monthend(max(MonthYear))+1,-12)) <=$(=max(MonthYear))"}>}Omsättning)