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    Loop through GetPossibleValue list and use it in set expression of straight chart to match Field Name with selected value.

      I have two fields column name and Item and their respective list boxes.

      e.g. Column Name    Item

               A                     1

               B                     1

               C                     2

      I am also loading a table from database which has fields(or columns) named A, B,C and so on. I have created a straight chart containing these fields.


      Now what I want is that, when user selects 1 from Item list box, column A and B get highlighted in the straight chart(since Item 1 is related to Column Names A and B).


      Till now what I've been able to achieve is that, when user selects '1' from Item list box, A and B get selected in Column Name list box automatically(using getpossiblevalue() funcion). But now I dont know how to loop through this list of possible values selected and use them in expression in the straight chart.


      Any help is appreciated.