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    Full Browser Version



      I have noticed a performace degradation when the QlikView users are using the Full Browser Plugin, but not in IE plugin or in the desktop client.

      Are there any settings you should be aware of? The Google Chrome browser is really fast!


      The layout in the Full Browser Plugin is also rearranged a bit when the users are using the Full Browser Plugin. Any thoughts about how to think about the design?

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          IE 9 is a slow, but I was suprised that IE 10 is that much faster.


          Using the Web View is the answer on the other question.

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            Elizabeth Gray

            We are also experiencing significant performance lags, after switching from IE plug in to Full Browser as part of a migration from a single virtual server to a dedicated cluster.  The new hardware has very substantial processing power, yet we've seen substantial degradation. Our users are also complaining about limitations in the Full browser UI.  We are likely going to have to roll back to the IE Plug In, unless we can figure out how to improve performance and solve the UI problems.


            Anyone have experience in this since the original post two years ago?

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                Matthew Walje

                The UI/UX design for the "Full Browser Version" is garbage. We just switched over all apps to this from the IE plugin, and it is painful. It runs faster, but the interface is so limited, and the editing tool looks like it was optimized for mobile, making it extremely difficult to use. I am really, really dissapointed and disheartened by the change. While PowerBI and other software suites are making their product more userfriendly, Qlik seems to be headed in the other direction.