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    Counting items in a Straight Table



      My Qlikview Document has a straight table, in which an expression exists that only shows data if the field level3desc_probcode = 'Maximo' or 'Syclo'.  I then have 2 List Box, one which allows me to view Open or Closed Calls and the other which allows me to view just Maximo or just Syclo Calls.


      However I need to do a count of the items in the Straight table and put it in a text object.  However say there are 100 items in the field, 90 of them are Maximo 10 are Syclo.  I need it so if I click the Maximo List Box, then the text objects shows as 90, and if I select the Syclo then the text object shows as 10.


      Is this possible to do.




      Jon Ditchfield