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    sum expressión

    Jorge Trillo Rios



      i have the next expression:




      where fechas as a variable and works ok.


      but now i need get the previous year information.


      we have two fields (año and mes), when the year (año) 2013 and the month(mes) (2013 -feb) are selected, i have two variables that take a diferents values:


      fechas ( 28/02/2013) and fechas_prev_year (29/02/2012)


      i try to modify the expression including the variable fechas_prev_year but it doesn´t work.


      (-(sum( {$<[FD_F_CUENTA_MAYOR] = {'70500002'},FD_F_FECHA_CONTABILIZACION={"=FD_F_FECHA_CONTABILIZACION=fechas_prev_year"}>} FD_F_IMPORTE)))


      i think that the problem is a año and mes selection because the range is for other year and other month, but i don´t know how can i solve it,


      i´m very pleassed with your help.



      and sorry for my english