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    Automated deployment of QVW scripts



      I would like to create a job that would check out QVW scripts from SVN, get the -prj folders from there and push it to my Qlikview Publisher.

      This way I can deploy my new QVW (Loaders or Apps) to my Publisher giving a job just a SVN URL.


      The part that blocks me is when it comes to create the .qvw script out of the -prj folder coming from SVN.

      Manually this is no issue but within a script I don't know how to do it.


      To create the .qvw script from the -prj folders I know that the steps are the following:


      1. Rename the (QV app)-prj to some other name (QV app)-prj1 so that the newly created blank qvw will not modify -prj files.
      2. Create a blank qvw file with name as (QV app).qvw and save it.
      3. Close Qlikview and rename the (QV app)-prj1 to (QV app)-prj
      4. Open the newly created blank qvw.


      The step 4 seems like an issue to me, when I try to call Qlikview with an argument from a powershell it just opens up the .qvw but how could I save the .qvw and close Qlikview all from the script (so the -prj folder gets loaded into the .qvw)? Does anyone know of a free tool for that?

      Thanks a lot,