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    cumulative total issue

      Hi All,

            I have a issue to display cumulative sum in pivot table.Now am using the expression as


           if(dimensionality()=0,0,RangeSum(Above(TOTAL Column(1),0,NoOfRows(TOTAL)))).


           Iam not getting the Total Value for columnname Cumulative in the  attached pivot table.So,Kindly all help me to solve this issue.


      Thanks & Regards


        • Re: cumulative total issue
          Stefan Wühl

          In your expression, you are explicitely returning 0 for your total line (dimensionality() = 0).


          Instead, try using a sum-of-rows-in-pivot-table expression (check the HELP for more details, there is a whole chapter that covers that).


          It would probably look similar to



          sum( aggr( YOUREXPRESSIONCOLUMN1, Location, Month) )

          RangeSum(Above(TOTAL Column(1),0,NoOfRows(TOTAL)))


          where you need to replace YOUREXPRESSIONCOLUMN1 with the appropriate expression and double check your aggr() dimension field names.