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    Issue with Line graph in Combo chart

      So I have a combo chart that has a bar graph and a line graph.


      The bar graph gives me a count of X for each month. The line chart gives me a distinct count of X over time.


      I have 2 bar graphs one for product X & one for product Y and I have 2 corresponding line graphs for distinct sum.


      Here is the issue - the line chart for product X works fine - checked out. The one for product Y does not. They are using the same formula (as below)


      if(product_key=3,SUM(AGGR(count({$<[market_data]={'Published'}>} application_key),application_key)))


      The only difference is the value of product_key.


      Anyone have any ideas why one would work and not the other?


      Here is the way the graph looks: