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    Calculate difference between two n-array products for scatter chart expression

      Hello everyone,


      I need help for an expression:


      HOW TO: Calculate difference between two n-array products, where variable n depends on user current selection.

      I load data from Excel tables.


      For a list of assets I have quarterly performances

      asset performance: Ai (i=1 ... 4)

      and it's respective benchmark's performance: Bi (i=1 ... 4)   


      I want it to calculate the the following formula, which I failed to translate into "Qlikview" expression language (I'm a beginner)


      Outperformance:  i=14(Ai) - i=14(Bi)


      Here is sample data:

      AssetPeriod Performance FundPerformance Benchmark
      xxxxQuarter 1


      xxxxQuarter 21.051.03
      xxxxQuarter 31.061.04


      Quarter 41.021.03


      Quarter 1......
      yyyyQuarter 2......


      Thanks very much in advanced for your help!


      BTW: "" ist the symbol for an n-array (x1 * x2 * x3 *...* xn), similar to the more often seen "∑" for n-array summation (x1 + x2 + x3 .... xn)


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