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      Hi All,

      I have a table . It contains two years data. I have one report, to show only the month of each  values. I need to take all the records from table, but in one report i want to show only the month of each  values. Is there any function available in qlikview to get the month only?





      i need to make a MonthYear function. i checked it online that i must use 'Floor' , 'Date' , 'MonthStart' but i dont know how.

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          Johannes Sunden



          Here's how the different functions work.

          Note: A timestamp is basically a number where the integer part represents the day and the decimal part represents the time of day.


          Floor() will round a decimal value down to the nearest integer. 5.6 becomes 5 for example. For timestamps, this means that the time is stripped out.


          Date() is a function for formatting a numerical value as a QlikView date. The date is a dual value with a presentation value such as 2013-04-11 and an underlying numerical value like 41375 (used for calculations etc.).


          MonthStart() is used to return the first date in the month of a given timestamp/date. If I use MonthStart() on today's date, 2013-04-11, it will return 2013-04-01.