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    Salesforce connector issue on QV Server

      Hi -

      I am able to SalesForce on my local QV desktop machine which is working fine and gets the data that we need from SalesForce for QlikView. But I am trying to make this to work on the server so that I can move the jobs that I set up locally to refresh SalesForce data for QV to Server.


      I got the SalesForce Connector DLL (both 32-bit and 64-bit) from QV team. When I tried to install this on the server and try connecting it says the successfully connected to salesforce (although I don’t think it connects to BAML salesforce according to the log file at SalesForce)

      But when I look at the tables/views it shows empty.


      Do you know any idea as why this SalesForceDLL is not able to connect to SalesForce from the server but works OK from my desktop QV.