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    Error when exporting Large tables from SAP via connector

    Karthik Mungi


          I am getting the following error when extracting BSEG table..I am using Qlikview 10 SR3 and sap connector 5.7.It was working fine two days ago but suddenly I am unable to extract Large tables.





      QVX_UNEXPECTED_END_OF_DATA : Fetch Aborted after 241 retries.Key = TIMEOUT_READ_MEMORY

      Timeout when trying to read shared buffer


      It was working fine before but recently I upgraded the SAP Transports and Qlikview connector.Is this problem from Qlikview side or did someone change anything from SAP side?Any help please?

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          I am also getting the problem.... this is most likely a bug with version 5.7 of the connector. 


          I found that if I specify the fields in the query, not use select *, AND take out all custom fields (those starting with Z), it will work. Then I can put the z fields back in, and run it again. I know this sounds crazy, I am still debugging the ABAP used for the SAP Connector to see how it's creating it's SQL statement to send to the database.

          So change this:

          select * from TABLEX

          to this:

          select c1 c2 c3 from TABLEX

          now run it....

          now change it to this:

          select c1 c2 c3 z1 z2 .... from TABLEX


          I'll keep you posted on the debug results. We may have to upgrade to 5.8. Also still investigating a possible note that would fix SAP.



          it appears that my first run, which failed, was run with a packet size of 20000, even thought I had it set to 5000 in the connection string. Apparently taking out the Z fields, running it, then putting them back in made the custom connect set the packet size correctly.

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            hi karthikmungi3


            I have same problem with you.. My BSEG has 160m+ row, and I use parameter like BufferPercentage = 2 and TimeOutFetch = 20000 or bigger, but it's still show same error.. Do you fix it yet?


            rnetherton do you mean that we must join table without z field with table with z field?