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      Hi to All!!

      I have a problem

      I have 2 tables and i have to join those tables but, as follow:


      TABLE A

      ID       ACD         DATE

      1           A            1/1/2013

      2           B          10/1/2013



      TABLE B

      ACD          DATESTART       DATEEND       MODEL

      A               1/12/2012          31/12/2012          A1

      A               1/1/2013            31/12/2013          A2

      B               1/1/2013            31/12/2013          B1

      B               1/1/2014            31/12/2014          B2



      RESULT of JOIN

      TABLE C

      ID          ACD          MODEL

      1               A               A2

      2               B               B1



      As you can see, the join is based on ACD as Key, and the comparison of DATE from TABLE A against DATESTART and DATEEND from TABLE B


      How can i perform this???