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    Explain the dimensionality function in qlikview for qlikview beginners


      I am penchalaprasad.I have completed Bachelor of technology in the stream of computerscience and engineering.After that i have completed my course in qlikview11.Right now i am preparing for interviews.I would like to understand and use the dimensionality function.I had gothrough the QLIKVIEW 11 reference manual,google,qlikview community and the book(QLIKVIEW 11 for developers).I had put a good effort to understand the dimensionality() by searching in the above mentioned 4.but i didn't understand any thing in these.Can anyone please help me by explaining the dimensionality function(like What is dimensionality(),Where we use it,when we use it,why we use it,how to use it)With a best example as early as possible.

      Thanks in advance.