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    Several pai charts with same size

    Torunn Midtsjo



      I have a dashboard showing  5 pai charts.  The 5 charts are almost identical and have 3 slices .  The only difference is that they show the result for 5 different regions.  I want these 5 pai charts to have exactly the same size in the dashboard.


      My problem is that I am not able to get the same size of all 5 charts.  Even if I copy one of them, when I change the name of the region in the expression, the chart changes size.  It doesn't look nice in the dashboard to have different sizes.


      I have tried using ctrl/shift, but with no success.


      I would appreciate very much to get some help with this problem.  I have been thinking of changing the chart type to a bar chart, but my managers wants a pai chart ;-)


      Best regards