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    Object-view after replace

      Hey all!


      It's a simple problem, I think, but I don't know what to do. After replace the separators in my Object "schlagwort", there are two columns. But I just want to see the right one with the nice "+" between the words. Cause... That's the reason why I replace the separators. Can you help me?


      Thank you all!

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          Stefan Wühl

          It looks like you are using a list box with an additional expression. This is similar to having a chart with dimension schlagwort and your expression, and you will see both columns.


          You can use an expression instead of your field in the list box (choose <expression> from the field selection drop down in list box general properties), but it is better to create a new field in your load script that does the replace (or replace your original field with your modified):



               replace(...) as schlagwort,


          FROM ...;


          If you want the list box solution:


          =aggr( replace(...), schlagwort)


          [You'll need to use your complete replace expression of course].


          Hope this helps,