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    Understanding the dimensionality function in qlikview

      Hi to all,

      From qlikview help,QLIKVIEW reference manual,google,QLIKVIEW community and with the book QLIKVIEW 11 for developers, i understand some thing about Dimensionality(),but i would like to understand the dimensionality() completely and how to use it in different scenario’s.I tried a lot to understand the dimensionality() and it’s scenario’s.


      Prior to this posting, someone told to me that” In pivot table, based on expansion level, calculations has to happen. That expansion level no is given by dimensionality”

      And i saw the below post in qlikview community.

      1. Ex.

      Dimensionality() indicates the level of subtotals in pivot tables. For example, if you have a pivot table with dimensions A, B, C  and D,


      the expressions will have a dimensionality of 5

      subtotals for D will have a dimensionality of 4

      subtotals for C will have a dimensionality of 3

      subtotals for B will have a dimensionality of 2

      subtotals for A will have a dimensionality of 1                             

      the grand total will have a dimensionality of 0


      from the above 2 i didn’t understand the dimensionality() completely.


      Can any one please helpme by explaining the dimensionality() with best example in one scenario in the layman language as early as possible.Because many interviewer’s are asking about dimensionality().

      Thanks in advance.