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    Named Cal

      Hi Everyone,


      If i have one Named license and let's say 2 users are sharing that license. What will happen in the following scenarios:


      1.) Both the users are logged on to the server and wants to access two different files using same cal.

      2.) Both the users are logged on to the server and wants to access the same file using same licence.



      Thanks in Advance

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          Stefan Wühl

          A named user cal is not supposed to be shared, I believe.

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            Narender Makhija

            Both users can work on two different file but not on the similar file at the same time .or if you want work on the the similar file  in which your colleage working then you can copy that file and work seperatly on that file.


            each license heaving multiple named cal so can log on the same server but named cal is different for different users if you are working simultaniously.if you are not working simultaniously then you can use the same cal.

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                Bill Britt

                To stay within your licensing agreement only one user can use a name CAL. If you have two people login with the same user name and they both try to open a document, the first one will be disconnected when the second user logs in.