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    Aggregation within Set analysis count

      Good day,

      I'm stuck on getting this expression to work for the past 2 days with no success, please can provide some advise as how i can can get this working?


      The expression is as below:



      {<MODIFIED={'$(=min(MODIFIED))'} >}




      Currently the expression returns a count of 1 for each 'NAME' object grouped by its 'Product_Name' and only where the 'MODIFIED' date is the minimum date for that objects 'Product_Name' and where the 'WORKFLOW_STATUS' is as specified above.


      This works in some cases, doesn't work in others, and assigns the count to the incorrect row.


      The expression returns the a count of 1 for the specified criteria, but assigns the count to the incorrect row?


      Any assitance would be much appreciated, thanks in advance for your effort.


      I've attached the model below with sample data.