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    Cross Table Function.

    Israr Khan

      Hi Community,

      i have a simple question about CrossTable() function.


      i have excel file starting. JAN, FEB MAR, APR.


      if i am using crosstable(Month, Data), starting from 1, default is 1.

      if i am using crosstable(Month, Data,1), it start from FEB, Showing Jan as a SEPRATES Field,

      if i am using crosstable(Month, Data,0), IT DOES NOT WORK.



      How to read the Jan column..






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          Henric Cronström

          With the crosstable prefix, you always need a key that links the values of the different data columns. Otherwise QlikView will not be able to track which initial row the value belongs to. In your case you do not have such a key, so you need to create one.




          Crosstable (Month, Data)


               recno() as Key,


               Feb, ...



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              Israr Khan

              Thank you so much..

              its working..


              But if,

              for example i have 10 coulmns, and i want to use crosstable 1 to 5, and others 5 i want to load as it is.

              so how can we control the right side.


              eg, 2005, 2006,2007,2008,2009, SALESREP, REGION. SO ON.


              Kind Regards