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    Licensing confusion

      We have an OEM Qlikview setup where our supplier had initially provided us with 2 client licenses and 1 server licence.  The report creation and editing was carried out via an RDP session from the users PC.  We went back to our supplier with a requirement that we needed 2 editing licences and were supplied with an additional server licence which runs under a different user account meaning that the two users both RDP into the server under seperate user accounts and work directly on the server. 


      This licensing method seems to contradict the available product range on the Qlikview website which lists the availability of desktop licences (which logically seems the correct way of using the software in the way we require) - should desktop licences be available through OEM channels or is this exclusively a direct from Qliktech licensing model?

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          Stefan Wühl

          I assume you are talking about in fact user CALs when you say 'additional server license'. I don't think you can run two QV server on the same machine. I assume you got so called Named User CALs from your OEM supplier.


          This would be appropriate for your setting (a Named user CAL can be used for editing, and you can lease a license from the server from your desktop client. So it's almost the same as a desktop license, but more flexible).