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    Publisher & PDF distribution just loop (no reduce)

    Paul Verkooijen



      We use the Publisher with PDF generation to create Store reports for a client.


      Most reports work fine however we got some reports which report over the looped store but also giving info about national and regional numbers.


      When using the loop & reduce my data is reduces to store data only, so I can’t use this option. When using the loop through field in the report it creates 1 big PDF with all pages included

      Thought of a way to use a lose table in the loop and reduce, with expressions altered to use this as the Store input.

      However my document contains info of 314 stores and its size is already 1Gb (Current and Last year data).


      The loop and reduce does no clean-up during the loop/reduce but afterwards what would lead to a Temp storage 314Gb of data.


      Any ideas ?