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    After scheduling reload of qvd generator on QMC ,how to automate the reload of the dashboard on access point ?

    Swarup Malli

      Hi All,


      I'm new to qlikview server.I'm working with qlikview server 11 enterprise edition along with the publisher.


      I want to schedule a task on publisher.I want the task to do the following stuff in the order ,which is as follows:

      1) I want to run the extraction file on daily basis.

      2) Once the extraction has been done successfully ,the main dash board that is displayed on access point should be reloaded.




      Though I was able to to authomate the task by copying the the extraction qvw,and dashboard in the QVSOURCEDOCS.





      My question is ,folders have been mounted on access point.And each folder has qvws associated with a certain division.How do I update the qvw that is being displayed on the access point because the file in QVSOURCEDOCS is not the one that is present on access point.Let me put it this way I can't navigate to  the file present in the mounted folder   from  QVSOURCEDOCS( see fig below),because  I'll have to create individual folder for individual application ex: if marketing div has 5 apps then I'll have to mount 5 different folders only for marketing.




      So how can I schedule the update of the file on access point ./