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    QvScrambler and QlikView v11

      In v10 we are using the QvScambler in a script to scramble the users userid and password on the query string to the qvd as xuserid and xpassword repectively before fowarding to the selected dashboard. The dashboard has Section Area security using the userid and password.


      On installing v11 onto a new server we have found that QvScramber.dll is no longer present in Program Files\QlikView\Server, a search does not list it in another folder.



      1. Has QvScrambler.dll been omitted from v11?
      2. What is the alternative to QvScrambler.dllproducing the same results?
      3. Is QvScramber.dll available to download?
      4. Can QvScrambler.dll be copied from \\v10server\Program Files\QlikView\Server to \\v11server\Program Files\QlikView\Server?