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    How set variables triggers edx QlikView 11

      I need to set the value of a variable trigger.

      I must to set variable (es exvariable = " CH1000")

      I can not set up correctly

      "TriggerEDXTask (new GUID (), 'reloadQlikView', "ReloadPassword", "vFileName", parameterList);"

      I write macros that use:set variables in triggers edx QlikView 11



      Sub TriggerEDX(task,password,toRefresh,export,percorsoQv)  

          Dim objHttp

          Dim strUrl

          Dim strData

          Dim strKeyRequest

          Dim strKeyAwnser

          Dim strTaskName

          strTaskName = task

          Dim strTaskPassword

          strTaskPassword = password


              Dim strChartID

          strChartID = ChartID


          call toRefresh_value(toRefresh,export,percorsoQvd,"")        

          call ExportType(export,percorsoQvd,"CH376")                    

          set shl = createobject("wscript.shell")


          strServer = "http://xxx:4799/QMS/Service"


          call shl.Run ("\\xxx\QMSEDX\QMSEDX.exe -task="&strTaskName&" -qms="& Chr(34) & strServer & Chr(34) -ChartID="11" ,0,True) 


      End Sub






      sub LOAD

          set pqb = ActiveDocument.GetVariable("percorsoQvd")

          percorsoQvd = pqb.GetContent.String

          export = "Server"    'working on server


          set nt = ActiveDocument.GetVariable("nomeTask")

          nomeTask = nt.GetContent.String


          call TriggerEDX(nomeTask,"ZZZ","XXX",export,percorsoQvd)

        end sub