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    IF and Set Analysis expression problem

    Simon Goodman

      I have a number of problems which I have broken down and created individual solutions but I am unable to apply them together with consistent results.


      1. I want to create a straight or pivot table that selects one field from a dimension. The Set Analysis express solution would be SUM ({$< [AR Group] = 'Points'}>} [AG Data]). Or the IF express solution would be IF([AG Group] = 'Points', 0)



      2. I was trying to find a way to collapse or remove columns and rows in a pivot table. This does not seem doable.  But I can remove data by applying a conditional IF expression in a straight table and ticking 'Suppress When Value is Null':  IF (SUM ([AG Data]/[Target Data] < 0.6, [AG Data], IF (SUM ( [AG Data]/[Target Data] > 0.8, [AG Data], 0))


      I understand Set Analysis does not allow conditional elements. Nor can I see how to use Add Calculated Expression in the Dimensions tab in this instance.


      Is there a way to join the two IF statements to get the desired results?