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    Combo Chart 2 dimensions one Expression

      I have a Combo chart with DATE and ITEM as dimensions (in that order) and Sum(value) as the expression.

      I'm able to able to select the different items and see the line trends over time.  Works great.


      Issue:  I also have a Phase, which is an attribute of DATE and am looking to color the charts background depending on what the date phase is.  So basically I would see stripes by phase and then all the ITEM trend lines.


      Can do... If I use one dimension DATE and two expressions Sum(value), '1000' in the combo chart chart it works, on the axis tab I am able to use the Position of left ofr Sum(value) and Right for 1000. On the expressions tab, se the Sum(value) to line, and set the '1000' to bar, then on the '1000' set the background color using a simple if statement.



      if(PhaseNbr=0, RGB(255,255,255), if(PhaseNbr=1, RGB(192,192,192), if(PhaseNbr=2, RGB(128,128,128), if(PhaseNbr=3,RGB(0,0,0),RGB



      The PROBLEM with this solution is that I need an expression for each of the ITEMs.  I have over 100 ITEMs so this is a very poor solition.




      Is there any way of doing this type of graph with 2 dimensions?